Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM) relates to all branches of materials processing where some benefit could be obtained from an electromagnetic influence on the process. Some of the most common EPM technologies are resistance, infrared, induction, dielectric heating, electric arc and electron-beam heating These techniques offer a range of productivity, environmental and economic benefits. UIE has teamed up with Leonardo ENERGY to set up the EPM Academy, an initiative to introduce the benefits of these technologies to industrial users. UIE has almost 80 years of experience in this field, and is supported by an network of institutes covering this broad field of technologies. The EPM Academy is active through a series of monthly briefing webinars that are free of charge to participants. After the live webinars, the events are archived and remain available 24/7 to interested users.

Archived webinars

  1. Ultra Violet (UV)/ Electron Beam (EB) Curing of Coatings: Operation – Applications – Market 
  2. Webinar - Identifying Challenges and Solutions in Electric Ladle Preheating 
  3. Electric Infrared Process Heating – Operation, Applications and Case Studies 
  4. Induction Heating – Operation, Applications and Case Studies 
  5. Physical and technical basics of induction heating technologies 
  6. Induction heating of strips and sheets 
  7. Induction heating of bars and billets 
  8. Induction Surface Hardening 
  9. Magnetic Flux Control in Induction Systems 

Upcoming webinars

  • Resistance Heating Technologies 
  • Power supplies for EPM technologies